Don’t Forget!

The blog has moved!

Also, I’ve posted the first 2 chapters of WAITING, Ana and Fin’s story over at! Come check it out!


This Site is MOVING!

I could not get WP to cooperate with what I wanted it to do, and after the trouble I’ve had with the site and it’s inability to send me comments in a timely fashion (if at all), I decided to switch to Blogger, as well as put everything on

I will be leaving this site up for a few more weeks, then deleting all of the content as I become more familiar with blogger.

Please bookmark and join me the rest of this week for a celebratory blog hop in honor of author Rachel Van Dyken’s big news!

Thanks for being so patient as I struggled getting the new site up and running; it’s been a bit of a learning curve, that’s for sure!


Updated website!

Hi everyone!

I wanted to let you all know that I am still in the process of revamping the website and blog, but most of the content will be moving to by next week! The blog will still be here, but the free reads, etc. will be on static pages on the website. Hopefully the new webhome will be a bit more navigable!

Thanks again, and have a great weekend,


A Quick Survey about Paige…

I’m getting a lot of comments and requests on my PAVAD series about Agent Paige Daviess, Carrie’s best friend in Wanting…

Currently, her story (And Mick Brockman’s) is scheduled for release in 2015 (March-ish), but her book and Josh Compton’s book happen almost simultaneously. Which would you all prefer? Paige’s book in Oct. 2014 or Josh’s?  Both are full length novels!

Paige’s can’t be released before Jules’ or Alessandra’s, as events happen in their stories that directly influence Paige’s.



Thanks, everyone, for taking the time to let me know!

New Chapter in PAVAD: The Beginning

I had time to add to Dakon and Len’s story. I am hoping to add to it at least once a week this summer, so check back often!

In other news, WordPress keeps delivering comments to me weeks after they are posted, so…sometime this week, I’m moving most of the site to another location! I’ll link to it when it’s finished!

Have a happy week!


Barnes & Noble!

BN is apparently more on the ball with this new release! They are building the link to buy now! It should be available sometime within the next 24-48 hours!