The Wolf God & His Mate: Chapter Four


Chapter Four


It was early in the morning and he knew the girl goddess would be sleeping, still. Eiophon knew her routine as well as he knew his own, though an impenetrable barrier separated his part of the palace from hers.

She stayed up late each evening, staring at the stars. He could just make out her soft form stretched across her bed through the ether of his ‘visibility tool’. He spent much of his day watching the girl responsible for his captivity. He spent much of his day plotting how he would make her pay for her actions so long ago.

But now that the days were fast approaching when he could act upon those plans, he found himself reluctant.

Her people were almost completely gone from the face of Gaia. And from what he had heard from the other deities and what he could see through his own sieve, they would not last much longer.

What more of a revenge could there be for a goddess who felt her people’s pain as deeply as Kennera did?

He fought a smile of satisfaction.

He had not suspected so many years ago that his words would wreak such pain upon his feminine enemy, or that the curses he flung at her around the barrier Erasomophus, Lothonos and Acastia had created years ago would hit her so deeply.

She had yet to retaliate against him. And that continued to puzzle him. Why would she not?

His torment of her began the moment she would awaken and continued until one of the other deities visited her. Most often it was Nelciana. Sometimes it was Lothonos, who came to worship her without her knowing.

The god of knowledge and science was a fool where Kennera was concerned.

Acastia, Libustri, and Levakoran visited her occasionally, though she spoke little to those three. Mostly, the oldest gods and goddess just lectured the girl goddess on her foolishness. She never contradicted them. Just ignored them until they left. Their visits had waned in frequency over the last fifteen hundred years or so.

All but Nelciana visited him on a regular basis. They would play games, drink, and eat fine meals. No such gatherings occurred in the girl goddess’s part of the palace.

She spent most of her time at her sieve, watching her people.

He rarely watched his. How could they learn to be independent if he monitored their every moves?

Girl.” He never called her by name; names contained power. He always called her girl. She had never answered. That, more than anything, angered him the most. He was the most powerful deity of Gaia, yet she refused to acknowledge him.

Once his confinement ended, he would see to it that she did just that before she died.

The last words on her lips would be his name and the words necessary to transfer her powers to him.

By rights, it was what she owed to him for taking the last three millennia of his life from him.




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