The Wolf God & His Mate: Chapter One


Chapter One


The sound of her people’s prayers, prayers that she could not answer, twisted her heart every moment of every day. She could not help them, could not guide them as a goddess was supposed to. She had failed them for almost three thousand years, and that was unforgiveable.

She no longer blamed the wolf god. Eiophon had not controlled her actions, she had. She was the one responsible for her people; she did not deserve their continued honor and reverence.

All she could do was watch them through the sieve that bubbled within the center of her rooms at Levia. It was by the grace of the goddess Nelciana that her people had yet to become extinct. Her beloved Dardaptoans numbered less than two hundred thousand—the wolf god’s number four to five times that.

She had mere months before she and Eiophon would be freed from their imprisonment. He had already vowed through the stone and magic barrier that separated his half of the palace from hers that when they were set free, he would rise his army against hers and erase her and hers from Gaia completely.

All because she’d dared to think she loved him.

For three thousand years she’d questioned her stupidity.

A prayer rose from the sieve, louder than the others, and she turned to it…It was Kindara Jareth, a healer that Kennera felt particularly guilty about. Kindara had suffered so greatly in the last thirty years and Kennera had been unable to help her much at all.

Kennera bowed her head and sent the patient beneath Kindara’s hands a bit of her own strength. It was Aureliana, a woman with a warrior’s spirit, wounded protecting Kindara a few days earlier while in another realm. Relaklonos was even older than Gaia—Kennera had always been frightened of the demon inhabitants there and had discouraged her people from venturing there. Kindara had defied that order in search of medicinal help for all of their people. An she’d found it.

Perhaps she should have encouraged her people to explore other realms rather than avoid them. Kindara had found actual medicines that worked for their people amongst the demons.

Kennera couldn’t help but fear the discovery came too late.

Even with Kindara’s medical discoveries, the Lupoiux could wipe the Dardaptoans from Gaia.

Eiophon had vowed to do just that.


2 thoughts on “The Wolf God & His Mate: Chapter One

  1. Hi Jory!
    The Wolf God & His Mate is intended to be a free online read, posted as I write it. I’m making a few changes to the blog this week, and will be posting chapters 6-10 in the next few days. And 11-15 next week. I’m not sure how long the story will actually be yet, as I’m still writing it. Thanks for reading!


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