The Wolf God & His Mate: Chapter Two


Chapter Two


You cannot wage war against her people.” Erasomophus warned him. “Have you learned nothing in three thousand years? You cannot upset the balance so greatly.”

She must pay for what she’s done.” Eiophon stated, but his words lacked heat. Did he still believe as he had? He had mere months until he could put his plans into action. Yet the desire to do so was strangely missing.

What has she done that is greater than that which you have done?” Lothonos asked. “Did she curse your people? Yes. Did you curse hers? Horribly so. And why? Because she dared to have a crush upon you when she was young and innocent. Were it me, I would not have treated her thusly.”

No, the intellectual god would not have. He would have adored the girl goddess who was more silly than practical. Eiophon would be caught in no such idiocy. “You would have put her upon a pedestal more than those Dardaptoans of hers have. They give her wreaths of flowers and citrine twice a year!”

They love their goddess and have faith in her! Can you say the same for your beasts?” Lothonos’s words were more potent for the lack of passion behind them. The god of logic remained collected in most situations. It was only with the girl goddess that he appeared warm.“Much could be said for that kind of loyalty.”

Foolish creatures, just like their goddess.”

Foolish no more.” Erasomophus shook his head, a strange sadness in his silver eyes. A grief almost that of a father. “They struggle for their very survival.”

How do you mean?”

Your curses were strong and long reaching. As so much time has passed, more and more of their females are dying. What happens when there are no more? Their Kind will not be able to continue. Not much longer. And neither will she…” Lothonos’s normally stoic countenance showed strong grief of his own. “Her time nears, I am afraid…”

Eiophon cared not for the other gods’ dramatics. “How so? Is her heart so broken then?”

Do not be flippant. Death of a deity is always terrifying. It can cause a rupture we will never recover from.” Erasomophus was the oldest of the men, at four times Eiophon’s considerable years. “Her death will unbalance us all…unless she shifts her power to someone first.”



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