Josey and Cormac


Recently I’ve gotten several questions regarding Josey and Cormac’s story, “Live or Die”. So I thought I’d give everyone who  is wondering an update.

Josey and Cormac are proving very difficult characters to write. Their story is just so much more complex than the others. In their book  the Dardaptoans must resolve the conflict that revolves around Josey’s grandfather and what he’s done to the Dardaptoan people. Yet the Dardaptoans need to realize that Josey and her cousins are not so unscathed by the grandfather, either.

There is a lot of information that is vital to the survival of the Dardaptoan people that has to be put into Josey and Cormac’s book, yet it must be woven in effectively. Without this information, later stories cannot be written.

Because of the complexity of the story (and because of some family things!) “Live or Die” is taking a bit longer than I planned!

So instead of the Valentine’s Day release I had hoped for, it looks like it will be a leap year release!

I would, however, like to share a bit of what I wrote today!

No! Is my sister safe? Josey asked.

She should be. Cormac felt like the rank bastard he knew he was. Why had he said all that? Just to frighten her into staying with him? Was he that desperate? Do not panic. I am sure you’re family has made arrangements to keep your little sister safe! He returned to her side and sat on the edge of the mattress.

She studied him for a long moment. My father would. He’s probably got Jade locked away somewhere, with Em’s sister, and Mal and Mickey’s. And he and my cousin Rand are probably searching for us. And Rathan. Rathan will not stop until he finds us!

He had no problem recognizing the satisfaction in her words. Who is this Rathan? A special friend of yours?

Her smirk returned. You might call him that. Rathan is the sexiest man alive.  Ever. And he’s very close to my cousin Rand!

Are they life partners then?

Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open. Then her eyes narrowed. No. Rathan prefers women. Specifically, blonde women.

So you and he were together then? Do I needst  kill him, then? Make it clear that he will not be preferring you?Cormac knew what his female was doing; her baiting him was her way of trying to take control in a situation where she had little hope of any actual control. Still, who was this Rathan she seemed so certain would be coming for her? I can do it quite easily.I doubt it would be as easily as you think. You are very arrogant. I’m not sure I like that. Is your healer sister coming, then? I would. If I found something medically interesting enough. Where did she study? If she is a true doctor.

She studied several places through the decades. Every fifty years or so she enrolls in a human medical school, just as a refresher. And because she hopes the human doctors will find something that can help our people.

Duke and Johns Hopkins are the best for research. I went to Johns Hopkins. What is she looking for?

Anything that can help our people. Antibiotics, coagulants. Immunizations. Don’t task yourself with it.

Why should I even care about your people? Oh…yeah, duh? Now I remember…you made me into one!

How a woman could infuse so much sarcasm into a mental question was beyond him.  ‘




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