Writing Josey and Cormac

I’m working on getting Josey’s story finished by this weekend so that an editor friend of mine can take a look at the book for me. But of course, now that I have this project to finish, life keeps getting in the way.

Now the baby is asleep in her room (after being a little stinker ALL day) and the husband is snoring in the bed beside me (he makes a great laptop table…). I am finally free to work on Josey and Cormac!

I’m at 22000 words and still going strong!

Here’s the latest! It’s a piece between Cormac and his sister Kindara, right before she leaves (only to be kidnapped in Awakening the Demon’s Queen!).


“I will take care of it. And Kindara, I want you to phone me when you get there. And when you are preparing to leave.”

“Yes, daddy. I’ll make sure I’m home before curfew. It’s not like I’m over four hundred years old or anything like that!”

Why was it that all the women in his life got enjoyment out of mouthing off to him? Didn’t they know he just wanted them safe and happy? That that was his main purpose for still existing?

“Go. And be careful.”



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