Release Date for Mickey’s story!

I am pleased to announce that Mickey and Theo’s novella, “The Seer’s Strength” will be available from Amazon and Smashwords (Nook compatible, too) on May 9th!


Here’s where I am at right now…

Her fear was so heavy in her words; Theo’s heart softened. His hands gentled on her waist. He pulled her to his chest, then raised one hand to cup the back of her head. Had any woman ever felt as soft, or as right to him as this one, his Rajni, did? “I will do you no more harm, love. This I have vowed and I will remain true in my vows.” He brushed his lips against hers, ignoring how she stiffened in his arms. Her surrender would come with time. “If you and your sister have finished your walk-about, we must go to the king’s dining hall.”

Her defeat was easy for him to sense on the air surrounding them. It was in the way she slumped in his arms. Theo frowned. He did not want her defeated–he wanted her safe and happy with him. 

“Walk about? We were escaping,  you idiot!” The sister hissed the words at him through her own newly developed fangs…


One thought on “Release Date for Mickey’s story!

  1. Great, can’t wait for May 9th for your new book! Hopefully, you will have another few chapters for the wolf god, too. : )

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