Mickey’s story is up!

Hi All!

I wanted to let everyone know we’ve finally gotten Mickey’s story “The Seer’s Strength”  up on Amazon!

As soon as Amazon does their thing, it will be available for purchase!

For those of you who use Nook or other formats, the Smashwords version is now live! (Also, Once Wolf Bitten will be uploaded to Smashwords this evening!)

Thank you all for reading…and for being patient as we figured out the cover issue!

CJ and B.G. (cover artist)


2 thoughts on “Mickey’s story is up!

  1. Finished reading Micky’s story and thought it was a very good short story. You made me chuckle that Thoe knew they we’re going to have 11 children together. Wow, that is all I have to say on that. Well, thank you for the story and can’t wait for the rest of the Wolf God and Mal’s story! Have a nice weekend and a blessed mommy’s day.

    • Thanks Diane,
      I’ll admit, I had some trouble writing Mickey’s story at first, then it just clicked, and I wrote half of it in two days. And it ended up being one of my favorites–because of Theo!
      Have a great mother’s day and thanks for reading!

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