New Wolf God & His Mate chapters!

Hi Everyone,

Here’s the chapters I promised! It would have been more, but the air conditioning in my office died (I think Rathan cursed it, HE likes things hot, ya know?) and I am roasting at the moment!

But here are 41 & 42!

Can you all do me a favor? If you like this story, have been enjoying it, will you share? Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.?

Thanks again, and try to stay cool where ever you are,



2 thoughts on “New Wolf God & His Mate chapters!

  1. Hi Calle,

    I have truly enjoyed the Dardanos series these past few months and am looking forward to Mallory’s story. I am wondering if there will be additional chapters for the Wolf God & His Mate story — I keep wondering if there is any hope for those two.



    • Yep, they will figure things out…soon! Right now I am focused on Mallory’s first draft, then I’ll get more Wolf God out. Mallory totally surprised me and her book is COMPLICATED–way more than I expected. But I am enjoying writing it!

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