The latest from Mallory’s book! We all knew the realization that her brother was a werewolf wouldn’t be an easy one, but tell me what you think!!!!

“Mallory, look at me.” He turned her head to him, then met her eyes before returning his gaze to the wolf. “Your brother is not human. Do you understand me? He’s a Lupoiux. I don’t know how, or why, but I know this is true. And Jierra is his mate. You never get between a Lupoiux male and his mate. He will kill you sooner than blinking. Even if he’s your brother.”

“No. That’s crazy. Rand is not a werewolf; I would have known…” She stared at her brother, who was glaring at her with the worst look of hatred in his eyes. Aodhan watched her puzzlement turn to horror. She tried to step toward her brother, this time her movement one of love and comfort. “Rand? No…”

The wolf was too far gone. Aodhan could see the fur of a red wolf starting to cover the brother’s limbs. His attention was still directed at his twin. The brother flashed into wolf form. Threatening. Aodhan knew what had to be done. “Mallory, I need you to listen to me. I want you to go out of this room quietly and calmly. Do not draw his attention.”


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