Sneak Peek at WANTING

I thought I’d let everyone know what I am working on now!

I am currently finishing up the second half of my next romantic suspense, WANTING, for release on October 8th. WANTING is dear to my heart for several reasons. I first started the PAVAD books in 2009, during what I’d like to call my “Crime Drama obsession” phase. I devoured Criminal Minds, CSI, Without A Trace, and Law & Order reruns back then!

I wrote the first book in the series WATCHING and soon found myself with a wide cast of characters that I dearly loved. Before I knew it, I had TWELVE books planned in the series.

WANTING features Carrie Sparks, a character that I absolutely adore for the way she has triumphed over so many things. You see, Carrie suffers from Aspergers/Autism, as well as mild SPD (sensory disorder), but has not let her struggles prevent her from doing her job as a special agent with PAVAD. In 2011, this book became even more dear to me–and much harder to write! My then 18month old nephew was diagnosed as autistic. This book has been dedicated to him, as he has taught me so much about this disorder and about the different ways it makes him who he is.

Sebastian Lorcan makes his first appearance in WATCHING, when he assists Hellbrook in finding Georgia after she’s endangered. It becomes very clear that Lorcan doesn’t understand Carrie or her place on Hellbrook’s team at all.

In WANTING Lorcan’s team is out of town, and Carrie is taking mandatory leave after being loaned out to another team. Lorcan’s friend’d daughter is missing and he’s desperate to find her, and he knows Carrie can help him find the tech-savvy kid faster than anyone…

While they are looking for this kid, though, someone more dangerous is looking for Carrie…

The book shows their relationship as they learn about each other, and what makes each of them unique…yet perfect for each other.

Here’s an excerpt from where I’m currently at in the book:


Lorcan could feel the eyes on him as he pulled Carrie against his chest. He knew his partner felt the same. “Just relax, Carrie. Make it seem as if we’ve done this before. You know you’re safe with me.”

He kept his tone low, the same as he’d do with a cornered animal. And that was the look in her eyes. Cornered. He stepped left, guiding her until she faced the larger part of the dance floor. He had backed her to the corner without realizing it. 

“I know. I don’t like dancing.” He felt her words brush against his neck. She was the perfect height for him to dance with. She had to be close to five nine, making her a head shorter than him. He could guide her head to his shoulder and press her body against his. If she would let him. 

“Why? I happen to love dancing–at certain times.” Now was definitely one of them.

“I don’t like all of these people around me. The smells, sounds, and knowing they’re watching us.”

“Just focus on your partner, me. Let me worry about them watching us.” He brushed his hand down the exposed skin of her back. The dress she wore was designed to draw male attention, to focus everyone on her. He could see where she wouldn’t be comfortable with that. Carrie didn’t like being the center of attention, ever. 

She shivered beneath his hand and he fought the urge to tighten his grasp. He wanted to. He wanted to pull her against him so closely that the dress was just a mere whisper between them. 

The music slowed, a seductive instrumental that Lorcan recognized. Carrie would be taking the stage in less than forty minutes. The first band always played a set list of songs from seven until nine o’clock, when Carrie and the rest of the undercover team would take the stage. 

Before then he needed to convince that idiot goon Benito that he and Carrie had touched each other before. 

That shouldn’t be too hard. 

He pulled her closer. She tried to resist. “What are you doing?”

“Trying to make it convincing. Have you never danced with someone before?”

“I don’t like it.” She frowned at him. “I’ve danced before. I just choose not to do it that often.”

“Tell me the first thing that pops into your mind when I pull you closer. Close your eyes, forget the people around us.” He waited until she did. “Now, take a deep breath and tell me what you feel.”

“I smell you.” Her words escaped in a sigh. “You’ve changed colognes. You don’t smell like HIM any more. I like it.”

She moved closer, tilted her head towards his shoulder.

He trailed a hand into the riot of red curls falling down her back as he thought about her words. Him–Agent Stephenson. The first time he’d met her she’d been battered and broken from Stephenson’s attack. And so wary of him. “Hmm. I’m glad you like it. What else can you feel?”

“The music. They missed two bars. The bass player isn’t all that competent. Not like Alessandra.” Her hand played with the back of his collar as she spoke. Fingers brushed his hair. He resisted the urge to purr at her touch.

“What else?” 

“The heat. You are warm. It’s surrounding me.” She snuggled closer and Lorcan almost stopped dancing. 

“Do you like it?”

She was silent for a long moment. He tilted his shoulder toward her head, making it easier for her if she chose to move closer.

She did just that, slipping one arm around his waist and dropping her head to his shoulder. “I like it. Like it’s just us here. I don’t mind dancing with you.”

Lorcan almost had to struggle to remember all the eyes focused in their direction. It took everything he had to resist pulling her body completely flush against his and sinking into the music with her. 

No matter how much he wanted to, he couldn’t. Not with Benito and his goons watching their every move. They couldn’t afford to give anything away that would jeopardize the sting. “Carrie…”


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