Upcoming releases.

I wanted to let everyone know that WANTING, second in the PAVAD series, will be available through Smashwords on Oct. 13, and Amazon to follow on Oct. 15th! In celebration WATCHING, the first in the series will be available from now through Oct. 21st at $1.29!

Also, the final release date for Rand’s story (The Wolf’s Redemption) will be Dec. 31st, 2012!

Then it’s Nalik’s story; I am unsure at that point who’s book will be next. I’m down to three options: Aureliana (Aodhan’s sister), Bronwen (Theo’s sister), or Danae (Rathan’s sister). Anyone have any preferences? Why?


7 thoughts on “Upcoming releases.

  1. please, please, please aureliana’s story next. is she going to be with rathan’s brother? thank you for writing such a wonderful books.

  2. Just found your free read 2 days ago and now have finished all of the series except Rathan’s, but I agree with Aurelina.

  3. Love this series… I am anxious for more and more, and more!!! I would also agree that I look forward to Aurelina… she is an interesting and strong woman. I would love to see some about all of them working together. I just love these characters…. the books just end too quickly.

  4. Downloaded The Blood King for free and was immediately intrigued. Finished the rest of the series within the week but now I’m starving for me. My vote is for aurelina! I got a hint of what her story could be and now I just need to know what happens in her life!

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