Wow; who would have thought RAND would end up in Relaklonos with Ren? Not me…Will definitely make my 12/24 release date! Stay tuned! This has been the funkiest book to write so far!

Do YOU know what a zorse is? Rand does now…it’s a beast that’s twice as wide as an Arabian horse, looks like a zebra/horse hybrid…and has a gold tusk in the center of its forehead. It’s the inspiration for a popular myth in Gaia! 

LOL. Learn something new every day!



The demon returned less than ten minutes later, sitting astride what looked to be part horse, part zebra. Such an animal did occur in Rand’s world, but looked nothing like the monstrous beast the demon rode. For one thing the animal was huge. At least a foot and half taller than any of the horses Rand had ever seen. And he’d seen quite a few—his uncle, Emily’s dad, was an avid horse lover and kept many different horses in the family stables. This animal was taller and at least twice as wide as an Arabian. And the stripes along its side were a dark mahogany against an almost yellow base. It was beautiful. But what set it apart from any animal on Gaia was the small ‘bone’ tusk in the middle of the forehead. Inspiration for the unicorn legend? Perhaps.

Rand and Jason paused a moment and flashed back into human form. Rand ran his hand over the animal’s side. It snorted and eyed him, but it listened to its master’s command. “This is your world’s version of a zorse?”

“Yes. I take it you do not have these?”

“We have zebra/horse crosses, but nothing like this.”

“Hagarman predates your equine by about sixty thousand years, I believe. He’s more closely related to your pachyderms now. Different evolutionary paths.”


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