The unbelievable has happened.

Somehow, just after I wrote the last word on Rand and Jierra’s book, the file deleted itself. Then autosaved a blank document over it. I’m not sure how this happened. And I can’t figure out how to find where another copy was saved. I searched .asd, .tmp, .wbk, .doc, everything I can think of and still nothing.

I found a file from a while back that had a little more than HALF the book on it, but the last part of it–gone. Completely.

I’m going to cry. Going to go soak my head in the bathtub and cry.

This week–when I was going to take a break and plan preschool for my kid–I’ll be rewriting the last half of the book. I should still have time to make the Christmas Eve publication date. And I know enough of the story to be able to reconstruct it. But I worked my tail off this past week to finish the book and give myself plenty of time to edit, and now…

Now I am heartbroken…



5 thoughts on “The unbelievable has happened.

  1. I am so sorry this happened I am heartbroken for you. All the work you put into it but I hope and pray you get a miracle and someone can find what happened for you. I will be praying for you I really have enjoyed your writing.

  2. Oh my god no, have you checked your drafts? Does it auto save? Take a deep breathe then scream as loud as you can, kids might think your having a tantrum but you’ll feel better xx

  3. oh no. i hate when computers attack. i am so sorry that happened but do not worry. i am sure things will work out in the end. your stories are always worth the wait and their weight in gold . 🙂

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