The Wolf’s Redemption New Release Date!

Hi Everybody!

After what happened with Rand’s book and it not being able to be restored, I’m going to have to push back the release date a bit. I want to ensure the book is of the highest quality possible. Therefore, I’m moving the release date back from Dec. 24 to Dec. 30. That should give me (and my editor) time to get it up to snuff!

Everyone have a happy Christmas (or whichever Holiday you celebrate) and New Year! 2013 is bringing between 6 & 9 new releases from me and Lost River Lit! 


4 thoughts on “The Wolf’s Redemption New Release Date!

  1. Im am so looking forward to your next book, “The Wolf’s Redemption” in this series of books, however i am unable to find your book in my nook nor in and Barnes and nobles as of yet! You are a great writer and i am looking forward to more additional books you may write on those series.

    • Thank you! :). Which book are you looking for? Rand’s book has been delayed due to my daughter being ill. I do plan on releasing it on Jan 15. It usually takes Barnes and Noble a while to get the books posted, as well. I will be updating the blog with news about the book next week!

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