It’s Up on Smashwords! Finally!

Well, as the title says, the book is available on Smashwords, now.  It took a while, but it is there.

Here is the link:

You’ll find both Amazon Kindle and BN Nook Compatible files here. (Amazon is taking it’s sweet time uploading, apparently!)

The Wolf’s Redemption

And…because the wait was so long, I do have the book discounted at $2.19. It’s regular price is set to be $2.99. You can also take an additional $0.30 off by using the code ZZ57U, at Smashwords checkout. The code will be good through the end of next week!

Once again, thanks for sticking with me through this book. It’s one I will definitely never forget! (And pray the process this book went through never happens again, LOL!)

Good night,



9 thoughts on “It’s Up on Smashwords! Finally!

    • HI Rhonda, it will eventually get to BN, depending on when Smashwords gets it there. It usually takes 2-6 weeks for BN to upload new books. But Smashwords does sell Nook compatible files, if you want to get it there.

      Thanks again,

    • I have been looking for the Wolf’s Redemption on Barnes and Noble Nook ever since you released it. Have you or are you ever going to get it on b and n cause I cant wait to read it,,,,,, I really enjoy your books and would like to get them.

  1. Do you have an idea of when it will be available at Barnes and Noble? I can get it from Smashwords if it is going to be awhile. I don’t want to wait to much longer!!! Thanks and I am glad your daughter is better!

    • Thanks Michelle,
      She’s better but still all congested. 😦
      Sometimes BN takes forever to get books up from smashwords–Mallory’s book took weeks! I think the quickest it’s ever got one up was two weeks. I’d definitely recommend buying straight from Smashwords, at this point.

  2. Calle absolutely loved wolf’s redemption… thank you! Im equally in love with the PAVAD series. When is Hunting coming out?

    • Nique,
      I’m glad you liked Rand’s book!
      Hunting is coming out most likely in June or July. I’m working on it this month and next, and will have it edited in May. Jules is probably my absolute favorite character in the PAVAD series, and Mal is such a Sir Galahad!

      • Can’t wait for next PAVAD book. I am excited for it and also can’t wait to hear Jules story. I also hope soon to follow will be Paiges story. I have fell in love with both series

      • Thank you! Paige’s story is set for early 2015 at this point, but I am hoping to get it in earlier. There are events that happen in other stories that inspire Paige’s story, so those have to be written first. But…those other stories are going to be awesome stories that I hope everyone will enjoy!

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