Coming This Weekend!

Dan and Ed’s stories are going to be released this weekend in a Duet! Here’s a bit about the stories, and the finished cover! I’ll let everyone know when the book goes live!


The Reuniting

He had no room for a woman like her—a woman who deserved everything…


Dan Reynolds spent every spare minute he had searching for his missing daughters.

On the job, he excelled in his role as second-in-command of the CCU.

Without his team, he’d have no one, and he knew it. He’d die protecting his team, and two months earlier he almost had.

His first day back on the job he’s knocked to the ground by a pretty little whirlwind.

Allison Brewster liked the look of the man who helped her to her feet. Yes, he was at least fifteen years older than she was, but he had a kind face.

Strong hands. A spark of real intelligence in his eyes. And he seemed just as interested in her. She found him so intriguing…

The younger woman makes him feel again and brings out all his protective instincts.

But Dan had nothing left to give…


The Reckoning


No one would hurt her ever again…


Someone had hacked the PAVAD’s secure maintenance system, infuriating Edward Dennis, creator of the PAVAD division.

That fury faded away when he learned the culprit was an eleven year old boy, Teddy Glendower, son of the new head of the forensics department.

Ed recognized the act for what it was—a boy needing someone. Since his daughter’s recent marriage, Ed had the time to mentor the young boy.

Provided Teddy’s mother was agreeable…

Ed Dennis terrified Dr. Marianna Glendower, with his cold brown eyes and commanding presence.

Men who held that kind of power over people couldn’t be trusted…

Ed was determined to show the beautiful mother of seven boys that he could be trusted. Determined to show her he would never hurt her…

But someone was trying to do just that; her safety—and that of her team—rested in Ed’s hands.

And he could make only one vow. No one would hurt Marianna  ever again; no matter what he had to do…




2 thoughts on “Coming This Weekend!

    • HI Yvonne,
      Second Chances should be going live on Amazon sometime tonight (it takes them several hours to process uploads). The Smashwords version should be up sometime tonight, as well.

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