Who is Calle Jaye Brookes?

Calle Jaye is fun, playful, ironic, professional and sophisticated.  She’s super-educated in the field of fiction and would spend most of her time walking around in “Book World” (or”eBook World”).

Does she have slight control freak tendencies? Yep. Why else would she chose to self-publish?

In her day job she gets to read romance novels. In her night job she gets to write them!

Her favorite color is bold purple. She likes rock like Kid Rock, Shinedown, and Nickelback.  Add in a bit of Anastacia and Adelle, too.

She collects rocks. Watches crime dramas. Abhors Lifetime Movies and Titanic (especially Leo…) and refuses to read or write about sparkly teen vampires.

She’s married to a cop she strongly suspects is a vampire. They’ve made a vampire baby–who likes to howl like a werewolf.

They live in Indiana with their vampire relatives and their vampire dogs.

You can follow Calle Jaye on facebook  or watch her somewhat pitiful attempt to take up Twitter.


10 thoughts on “About

  1. I love your books so far but am wondering when your two latest books will be available for the Nook. I do not have a Kindle and I would love to be able to read the rest of the series. Thank you

    • Hi K,
      Thank you!
      Live or Die has been uploaded through Smashwords and is waiting for approval from them to get into B&N. Sometimes it can take a while!

      Once Wolf Bitten was a trial through Kindle’s exclusive plan, but it will be uploaded for Nook on March 22!

  2. Hi, I am enjoying your books and can’t wait until The Wolf’s Redemption is release to me nook…..I did read the first chapter at the end of Once Wolf Bitten and I noticed a type-o that had me confused until I re-read it several times.
    In the paragraph after Rand lifts his wrist to Jierra’s mouth to take his blood after giving birth to the babes He calls Rathan to compel Jierra to drink, his thoughts mention that it was nine months that Rand and Jierra meet when it really was only four and half…….Kindara is pregnant and wont have that child for another five months. They both got pregnant at the same time. It had me confused for the longest few minutes until I went back and re-read the Awakening the Demon’s Queen.
    I really can’t wait until The Wolf’s Redemption comes out. Is there an email listing that I can join to let me know when it comes out…..I researched and only found a mention of some time in November this year. Thanks for creating some of the best stories that I have read in a long time.

  3. what is the correct reading order for your Dardanos series? on the right side of this screen, it states that book 2 is “Awakening the Demon’s Queen” but this side also states that the “The Seer’s Strength” is next after “The Blood King”. please let me know because I purchased all that was available and would like to read them in the correct order. thank you for your help.

  4. I have been unable to get the new book on Barnes and Noble too,,,, I do not understand why they are not uploading it or what is going on…. I have been waiting for this book and cant wait to read it,,,, I hope what ever the problem is it will be taken care of soon….. thank you.

  5. I really really love your Dardanos stories and am waiting impatiently with B&N to get the latest one. I also wonder if there is a formatting problem with The Seer’s Strength as it defaults to a narrow margins. As I have vision problems and must read in the largest sized font this creates a little problem for me. The other stories are formated better. Or is the way this story is supposed to be? Or should I be bothering B&N? Minor problem But I am hooked on your writing.

    • Hi Ann,
      I’m going to review Seer today! There shouldn’t be any formatting issues with it and I’ll fix any that are. I too have to have a large font and definitely understand the frustration! I’m so sorry Seer is being difficult!

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