Second Chances!

Hi Everybody!

Second Chances is now ready for Amazon! It’ll be up on their site between 12-48 hours from now!

I’m working on the Smashwords file now (they distribute to BN, Apple, Kobo, etc.)

Thanks again and happy reading!



     Second Chances is now LIVE at Smashwords!

     They sell BN-compatible versions for those who need NOOK books! 

It should also hit BN’s site in anywhere from 1-6 weeks, for those who prefer to buy from BN directly.

(Amazon still says uploading at this point (3:30PM) so it may take a few more hours yet!)


Coupon Code!

Right now at Amazon WATCHING is going for .99!

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(Nook-compatible version HERE)

Coming This Weekend!

Dan and Ed’s stories are going to be released this weekend in a Duet! Here’s a bit about the stories, and the finished cover! I’ll let everyone know when the book goes live!


The Reuniting

He had no room for a woman like her—a woman who deserved everything…


Dan Reynolds spent every spare minute he had searching for his missing daughters.

On the job, he excelled in his role as second-in-command of the CCU.

Without his team, he’d have no one, and he knew it. He’d die protecting his team, and two months earlier he almost had.

His first day back on the job he’s knocked to the ground by a pretty little whirlwind.

Allison Brewster liked the look of the man who helped her to her feet. Yes, he was at least fifteen years older than she was, but he had a kind face.

Strong hands. A spark of real intelligence in his eyes. And he seemed just as interested in her. She found him so intriguing…

The younger woman makes him feel again and brings out all his protective instincts.

But Dan had nothing left to give…


The Reckoning


No one would hurt her ever again…


Someone had hacked the PAVAD’s secure maintenance system, infuriating Edward Dennis, creator of the PAVAD division.

That fury faded away when he learned the culprit was an eleven year old boy, Teddy Glendower, son of the new head of the forensics department.

Ed recognized the act for what it was—a boy needing someone. Since his daughter’s recent marriage, Ed had the time to mentor the young boy.

Provided Teddy’s mother was agreeable…

Ed Dennis terrified Dr. Marianna Glendower, with his cold brown eyes and commanding presence.

Men who held that kind of power over people couldn’t be trusted…

Ed was determined to show the beautiful mother of seven boys that he could be trusted. Determined to show her he would never hurt her…

But someone was trying to do just that; her safety—and that of her team—rested in Ed’s hands.

And he could make only one vow. No one would hurt Marianna  ever again; no matter what he had to do…



Barnes & Noble & Release Schedule & Coupon Code for Free book!

I wanted to let everyone know that BN is still taking their sweet time about getting Rand’s book uploaded. (It took six weeks for the last release to make it to their ‘shelves’!) For those still waiting for Nook -compatible versions the Smashwords link is here:


I am getting tons of questions about future release dates on both the Dardanos series and PAVAD. So…

I made a new page with the information, and book blurbs (those books that currently have book blurbs written, that is!). This schedule is not set in stone, of course, but I’m pretty happy with the way things are looking so far.


I will be having a release on March 28th! It consists of TWO novellas in one book, and features my absolute favorite male characters of PAVAD–Ed Dennis and Dan Reynolds. Ed and Dan were very instrumental in both WATCHING  and WANTING. And I must say I fell in love with both of them!


Because Dan was such an instrumental character in WANTING, I want to make sure you all know a bit of his backstory. Therefore, I’m offering (through Smashwords) WANTING  free through MIDNIGHT on March 2nd! The coupon code and link are here:

WANTING using coupon code VQ77U to get your discount at checkout!

It’s Up on Smashwords! Finally!

Well, as the title says, the book is available on Smashwords, now.  It took a while, but it is there.

Here is the link:

You’ll find both Amazon Kindle and BN Nook Compatible files here. (Amazon is taking it’s sweet time uploading, apparently!)

The Wolf’s Redemption

And…because the wait was so long, I do have the book discounted at $2.19. It’s regular price is set to be $2.99. You can also take an additional $0.30 off by using the code ZZ57U, at Smashwords checkout. The code will be good through the end of next week!

Once again, thanks for sticking with me through this book. It’s one I will definitely never forget! (And pray the process this book went through never happens again, LOL!)

Good night,



Book is uploaded, and now it is up to Amazon to do their thing! Anywhere between sometime around noon today, or tomorrow (if AMZ has been hit by a lot of uploads it can delay their process)! AND…I’ll be tackling Smashwords tomorrow after my daughter’s appointment!

Thank you ALL for being so patient as I’ve fought with this book and fought with it! It has been a tragedy of errors for the last month with Rand and Jierra.  I was beginning to feel cursed or something!

Once again,

Thank you all!